Aveda Dry Shampoo

September 28, 2017

I have been experimenting over the years with dry shampoo in order to not have to wash my hair every day.  My hair gets greasy pretty easily and anytime I sweat, good bye cute hair!  I get my hair colored and cut at an Aveda salon and a few visits back, I tried their dry shampoo-Shampure.  This stuff is awesome!  And it comes from a company that is cruelty free, which is super advantageous to my plant based beauty endeavors.

There are some disagreements about whether Aveda is actually cruelty free.  They had posted a statement that said that they did test on animals when required by law.  Many people felt like they were being deceived when purchasing Aveda products and that Aveda was not a vegan brand.  After doing more reading, and research, from what i’ve seen, Aveda IS a cruelty free brand with no animal testing.  They, in fact, do not test on animals.  I think where other controversy lies is that while Aveda is cruelty free, their parent company of Estee Lauder is not.  I can say that I won’t be buying any Este Lauder products from now on, but I do appreciate that Aveda is cruelty free and I want to support any brand that is just that.  It is better than buying from a place that does test on animals in my book.  Aveda says that while their products are not certified vegetarian or vegan, the overwhelming majority of their products contain no animal-derived ingredients.  This shampoo is 99.8% naturally derived and the packaging is also recyclable.

This product has naturally derived powders that help absorb any access oil and impurities that your hair produces.  It smells amazing, is calming to all the senses and is clean and simple.  It isn’t a ‘clear’ powder like some dry shampoos, but I don’t mind!  It works SO much better than others i’ve tried.  I can go 2 to 3 days without washing my hair when I use this.  And that is really saying something for me!  I go to the gym regularly and sweat a good amount when i’m there, but this dry shampoo has the power to tame and maintain a grease-free hair style.  I’ve had bangs for awhile now and it even keeps them from getting gross and unruly.  All you do to use is shake the container, squeeze and puff it gently and the powder comes out in the direction where you are pointing the nozzle .

This product is a win win all around.  Giving you beautiful hair while helping save the animals and the environment at the same time.

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