October 14, 2017

As you know, I love nature and the outdoors and I try to spend adequate time enjoying all that it has to offer.  One of my favorite outdoor companions is my dog, Toli.  She absolutely loves exploring and getting rugged, despite her gracefully aging body.  She’s a young pup at heart and in spirit, though.

I’m always trying to find new and different places for us to go and mix things up.  I like to call these trysts “adventures” because, well, they are adventures of sorts!  And i’m usually strapped for cash so I want to adventure on a low or free budget!

It’s pretty amazing how many free places there are to visit, hang out and have fun.  These are places that you can go yourself to just unwind and relax.  You can also take your pets to these places, which is something I adore.  Our dog is like a child to us so we like to take her everywhere we can.  And speaking of kids, you could definitely take them to these places as well.  It is great to expose them to fun, outdoor places.  You can have fun without paying any money while also make memories that will last a life time.  My step daughter and I go to many of these places.  She has enjoyed doing these things since she was a kid to now, being a teenager.  My man, Josh, and I went to Colorado on vacation a few years ago and stayed the night with friends in Denver.  We wanted to hike a smaller mountain while we were there, so Josh, me, his friend and their small boy (probably about 3 years old) went for a hike.  We just strapped the little guy in a carrier and hiked up the mountain with him.  What a great experience!  Something that we can tell him when he gets older that he went up a mountain when he was just a little guy.  The possibilities are endless!  Going adventuring is relaxing, soothing and fun.  It’s a nice change from binging Netflix or doing something like visiting a coffee shop.  These photos are from when Toli and I went to one of the local lakes where we live.  We live in Des Moines, Iowa and many would think that there isn’t much to do.  But au contraire!  There are a ton of things to do here and lots of great outdoor places to explore.  Don’t ever let your location determine the extent of the fun you can have!

I have compiled a little list of places you can check out no matter where you live.  Some are indoor places that allow you to take pets, and that makes me so happy!  Indoor spaces can be adventurous too, and are great to go if it’s raining.

So no matter if you are alone, with a loved one, kids or pets, go out into the world and enjoy what it has to offer!  Adventure away my friends.

Free and fun adventure spots:

-State Parks   There are some around us that are so cool.  Lakes, woodlands, even rolling hills and walking through woods.  You usually don’t have to drive far to find good ones either


-Downtown   We love walking around downtown.  Great views, lots of sidewalks and paths and lots of food and drink options

-Pathways through town

-College campus’

-Hiking-places like the woods, prairies and mountains


-Cemetaries  This may sound eerie and creepy, I know, but these are some of my favorite places to go.  They are beautiful and so peaceful.  There is a really old cemetery by us that is hilly, large and gorgeous.  Give it a try, you may surprise yourself!

-Different neighborhoods    Some neighbors are more scenic than others and have more hills so you get more of a workout in

-Stores like Home Depot, Sportsmans, Bass Pro Shop and Mills Fleet Farm  You can take your dog with you to these stores, it’s great!  A lot of restaurants and bars also let you take you pet with you on the patio.  We’ve done that a few times.

Toli tuckered out after a long day of adventuring.

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